House Pictures

This is a new project I am working on, inspired by my frequent visits to France. All these clients have comissioned watercolour paintings of their french properties.


Nature’s Table

Illustrations for Alec Dunne’s business building vegetable boxes for client gardens and teaching them to grow organic vegetables.


Recipe Book

This series of illustrations were commissioned by my daughter’s school. The headmistress had organised a ‘cook-a-thon’ with parents who came from outside of France, to not only let the children help cook, but also to show the diversity of foods from around the world.

I am of Swedish/Norwegian origin, so of course I was cooking meatballs!

The headmistress was then inspired by the quality of the food and enthusiasm of the children to put together a book of all the recipes. I was asked to draw the illustrations and left to devise my own brief. I decided to represent the country recognisably at a glance; incorporate the recipe in some form and to try and be amusing! Here are the results…

Here are the recipe names – see if you can match them to the illustrations.
Apple and Blackberry Pie; Lamingtons; Jambalaya; Pineapple Cake; Tiramisu; Coconut Sweets; Coconut Chicken; Banana Cake; Hokey Pokey; Cod Fritters; Aubergine Caviar; Fish ‘Yassa’; Meatballs; ‘Briks’.



Poster, commissioned for ‘ASSA’. To advertise an event in Albert Square, SW8, London. 2013.

-1 copy

27cm x 37cm
Medium; watercolour, pastels & Ink.