Murals and Trompe l’Oeil

I started painting murals in 1983 with ‘The Race’. The comissions are interspersed with breaks for study and a subsequent acting career, getting married to my lovely husband Nick and having our beautiful daughter, Coco.

The subject of each mural has at times been specified in great detail by the client and at other times I have been given a free hand. I always consult extensively with my clients beforehand and continue to discuss the work throught the process in order to make sure they are satisfied with the end result.

The following list of work, shown in reverse chronological order with the latest at the top descending to the oldest at the bottom, is a fair sample of my mural and trompe l’oeil work to date. Sadly, some now only exist in the photos that have been reproduced here. Click on an image to enlarge.

Poppy Field

Size: 18ft x 10ft
Location: Chateauneuf la ForĂȘt, Limousin, France.
Client: ‘Ziboinboin’ Restaurant/bazaar.
Commission: back wall of restaurant terrace. A poppy field with Limousin views and owners dog ‘Framboise’ hiding in the poppies. Gives a sense of perspective. Lots of hidden small animals for children to seek out while waiting for food to arrive! The mural  of poppies is also a poignant reminder of the WW1 Centenary in August 2014, when this was painted.
Exterior wall.
Acrylic. Sealed with exterior matt acrylic varnish.


Size: 8’h x 40’w
Location: Wix school, Clapham, London
The brief: My daughter chose the subject of ‘Finding Nemo’

Life has moved on a bit since the last comission and this labour of love was painted at my daughter’s primary school to disguise a bare playground wall. Her favourite film, Finding Nemo, was the inspiration and she is featured as the snorkelling child, along with some classmates.

The Green Man and The Witch of the Well

Size: Green Man: 3’w x 5’h; Witch: 2.5’w x 9’h
Location: Courtyard and hallway of a London house
The brief: The client specifically wanted a representation of the Green Man and a monochrome, Irish celtic, female figure.

Commissioned by a city broker with a secret passion for all things mystical and pagan!

The Golf Club

Size: 4′ x 4′
Location: Bedroom in an Essex house.
The brief: A birthday present in a teenage bedroom.

This mural was comissioned by a keen golfing family, who are all represented in the scene. As with other tromp l’oeil, the curtains match those of the other windows in the room.

Powerboat Race off Cowes, Isle of Wight

Location: A friend’s London flat
The brief: Given a free hand

I used to watch this annual race at Norris Castle and reproduced my memories – with a fair amount of artistic licence, of course! This was one of my favourite comissions. I used a limited palette of colours and included my favourite flower: the Mimosa.

Cottage Garden Window / Pot Plants / Henry the spaniel

Location: Britt’s flat
The brief: The client had always wanted both a cottage garden and a tricolore King Charles Spaniel to call ‘Henry’

My friend Britt was working away from her upstairs flat for long periods of time, hence the plants that need no watering and the dog that needs no feeding. The window was in a recess in the hallway and the potplants and spaniel in her kitchen. Henry was the first thing she saw waiting for her as she walked up the stairs.

The Race

Size: 8’h x 40’w
Location e-type Jaguar Museum, Brading, Isle of Wight
The brief: Create an eye-catching backdrop to enhance the motor showroom

Inspired by the glamour of motor racing in the 30’s, I wanted to recreate that sense of period and could think of nothing more appropriate than the famed Monte Carlo Rally.